Ombudsperson for Persons with Disabilities meets Morocco’s Ambassador to Croatia and Chairman of the Moroccan National Human Rights Council

As part of his visit to Croatia with the aim of getting acquainted with the system of human rights protection, chairman of Moroccan National Human Rights Council Driss El Yazami, accompanied with Morocco’s Ambassador to Croatia Nour El Houda Marrakchi, visited the Office of the Ombudsperson for Persons with Disabilities, where he met with Ombudswoman Slonjsak, her Deputy Darijo Jurisic and advisor Branka Meic Salie. There are plans to found a specialist institution for protection of rights of persons with disabilities in Morocco, which makes Croatia’s experiences in that field valuable.

Moroccan National Human Rights Council has the A status of a national human rights organisation. The Council is part of African and Francophone human rights organisations network and is very active in international cooperation.

In October, the Council will organise an international conference of national human rights institutions on the topic of women as protectors of human rights. The National Council also has 12 regional commissions with 162 employees. Partnered with the Council of Europe, they are preparing study visits to countries where the employees could prepare to take over new roles, which includes a two-week visit to the Office of Ombudsperson for Persons with Disabilities.

Relating to the status of persons with disabilities in Morocco, the National Council Chairman said there was no systemic national protection policy for persons with disabilities, so that the gap is made up for by a strong and active civil society made up of parents and family members of persons with disabilities.

The Council published two reports on the status of persons with disabilities. They are cooperating with civil society and private entrepreneur groups to find ways to include persons with disabilities on the labour market.

The Ombudswoman talked to Mr El Yazami about the Office organisation, as well as the main challenges in the area of protection of rights of persons with disabilities in Croatia.

The two parties are expected to continue cooperating and exchanging experiences.